Looking for a job as Game Designer, Level Designer or Mission Designer.


I am Nathan Desmarchelier, graduated with a Video Game Director diploma (Management & Game Design) from the video-game school SUPINFOGAME Rubika and currently Game Designer and Level Designer at Streum On Studio.

The reason that the video game industry passionate me is my willing to imagine enriching experiences and share it for others. That’s my goal. The video game medium is for me the best mean of expression that we can use, because of it's new ways of creation (Game Design, Level Design, narrative emergence...) . My goal is to experiment it, explore its boundaries, and create original experiences based on the specific potential of the video game medium.

If you want to learn more about my works, feel free to consult my website and to read my resume.


 email1  : desmarchelier.nathan@gmail.com

Phone_logo : +33(0) 6 82 53 61 39

 IN   : http://www.linkedin.com/in/nathandesmarchelier

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