Au boulot, Matelot !

Au boulot, Matelot !

Role : Game Designer & Level Designer

Au boulot, Matelot ! (Go work, Deckhand !) is the  result of a week’s work in a partnership with 3DDUO sudio. The goal was to create a game for children ages 6 to 8 years. To make it, we were a team of 5 students of Supinfogame.

The objective is to create a game that can be suggested on the apple-store, for the iPad market. We made this game like a “toy”.                                   This means that the young player can have fun just by experimentation of the game and by main character’s controls. One of our inspirations was interactive books and games like flippers.

The game tells the story of a Pirate who have to return to his ship to set off again across the sea for further adventure. But before that, he needs to bring back his deckhands who are scatter in the game levels.

The player doesn’t control the main character, the Captain, but the environment itself. The player can change the level’s orientation to change gravity. The goal is to move the Captain and item to pick up deckhands dispersed in the different stage of the game.


Follow this link to play the game :  « Au boulot, Matelot ! »

Controls : keyboard arrows to incline the iPad, SPACE BARRE to check the iPad

and « here » to learn more about the project (only in french).



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