Close Call | Final Year Project


Role : Game Designer, Level Designer & Scriptwriter


Close Call is my final year project for SUPINFOGAME Rubika made in one year. In a multidisciplinary team of 7 people I am in charge of game and level design and sciptwriting. We work on the Unreal Engine 4 and we use the Oculus Rift technology (Virtual Reality headset) for the purpose of creating an immersive First-Person Experience.

Close Call is a survival game in space, using the virtual reality. In a Uchronia of the Cold War, the player is put in an outfit has an astronaut lost in a blasted Soviet space station. He must survive in this unsafe environment and found a way to go back to Earth. To be successful, the player could follow or not the advices of an Artificial intelligence carrying by the player suit, the only company what the player have.

CloseCall – Launch Trailer from Nathan DESMARCHELIER on Vimeo.

Game Overview:

The game offer to the player two different navigation systems: one in 0 – Gravity and another on the ground using artificial gravity. To explore the space station, the player will manage two resources which are the oxygen and the energy cells of his suits. One serves to breath, the other to move in 0-gravity and interact with the environment.

During his journey, the player must understand game environment, both the A.I and the space station itself. The objective is to create an ambivalence between the A.I, which might be useful or dangerous for the player, and the environment, always dangerous but who don’t lie.

More the player move forward in his adventure, more he can trust in him and in his knowledge and capacity.



During this 1 year production, I have differents missions:

As a game and level designer, one of my mains objectives is to ensure that all features design for Close Call be in harmoy with the experience desired for the game by the team. To that end, I pay attention to the impact that game design and level design can have on important point like the message conveyed, the game pace or the game feel.



Modular level design:

To allowing us to have a hight grade of iteration on our level design, we decide to use a modular system of level design. This work has be eased by the cooperation between Level Designer and Game Artist, which  allow us to make valuable tool of production.

The production pipeline level design is based onthe working method described by Joel Burgess (Senior Designer, Bethesda Game Studio). This method has proven successful on production like Fallout 3 or The Elder Scrolls V :  Skyrim. Thanks to that, the structure of level design that we produce allow to us to have a great freedom of iteration.

Close Call – Graphical Preview Trailer from Nathan DESMARCHELIER on Vimeo.

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