Dreams of Glory

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Role : Director, Level Designer, Scriptwriter, Video editor & Sound Designer

Dreams of Glory is a machinima. It was made during SUPINFOGAME Rubika studies, by a team of 4 persons. To make it, we used the Creation Kit design by Bethesda Softwork for the game The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim.

The story tell how a impetuous knight will be misled by her dreams of triumphs and glory. Our goal is to use suggestion for the direction and develop a atmosphere.


To make it, I have create a place in its entirety. Starting with the topology of the land by modeling mountain, hill and cave. After that, the dressing of the entire environnement by graphical asset and texture but in thinking about the question of staging and level design.

To allow freedom of direction we have used the camera’s player to film, and I had to setting up a navmesh on the area to use the I.A of the NPC to create characters acting.

I also record the video and do the audio and video editing.


Dreams of Glory from Nathan DESMARCHELIER on Vimeo.

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