Role : Game Design, Level Designer & Sound Designer

GLOUPS  is a game made in 14 days in a partnership with the Dupuis publishing. The objective was to create games for the same public that the magazine target, to a come with the releasing of their own touchpad. To make this game we were a team of 10 students of Supinfogame.

The original concept is to create a game that echoes with the Dupuis’ production. The universe of the game is thinking to be funny and to referring to childhood’s memories.

We decide to create a puzzle game based on forms and colors, and offering a strange and funny bestiary.

The main character is a little boy who discovers the grandfather’s insectariums, in the shed at the bottom of the garden.

Opportunity for the little boy to discovers new insect species, or its taste

The control the little boy, and have to link the insect of the same color to eat him.  Some of these are specificity and special way to eat him with success.


Follow this link to play the game : « GLOUPS »

Controls : Left-click to touch the screen, lets press the Left-click to make a link

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