Keyboard Mandala


Role : Game Designer


Keyboard Mandala is a game made in 48h for the ArtGame Weekend 4. It have made by a team of 7 people. The theme was “Performing & controllers”. The goal is to transmit video game experience like a artistique performance, and ask to player to participate in the experience to be a part of the performing and the art work.


The game is a two player game. The player 1 used a gamepad to move his avatar in a first person view, in a lifeless desert. The player 2 used a keyboard as a controller.

Every musical note corresponds to a graphical asset like trees, fountains, bridges, or buildings. These graphical assets appear on the screen play in indicated area by the player’s 1 cursor. More the game advance, more the barren desert dressed and comes to lives.

This is the collaboration of the two players who give rise to a visual and musical world.


Link for review : Gamasutra – Game Jam – Artgam Weekend #4 in Lille


Keyboard Mandala from Nathan DESMARCHELIER on Vimeo.

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