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Role : Project Manager & Game Designer


Nänn’s Tale is a video game project designed for the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2014, recently qualify in the national podium.The main intention is to create a dynamic video game, designed for family on touchpad.

Our main target is the young public, between 6 and 10 years.We have decided to design our game on touchpad, because the size screen allows to play comfortably in a sofa, alone or with others.

The stories tells the life of an retired valkyrie, Nänn, when she run after Loki to repaired his nonsenses, when he was a only a child. At that moment, Nänn have travel in the 7 world of the tree world Yggdrasil.

The stories have a big part in our game, to catch family member’s interest. This is why we have choice to introduce real Nordic mythology with a bite of humour.

We want to make interesting game, no only provide by the gameplay, but also by the knowledge introduced in this game.


If you want to learn more about the project, feel free to download his presentation « here », and on this video below.

Nänn’s Tales – Team Barbarian Cookie | Imagine Cup 2014 from Nathan DESMARCHELIER on Vimeo.

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