Personal Projects


Role : Game Designer


Keyboard Mandala is a game made in 48h for the ArtGame Weekend 4. It have made by a team of 7 people. The theme was “Performing & controllers”. The goal is to transmit video game experience like a artistique performance, and ask to player to participate in the experience to be a part of the performing and the art work.

The game is a two player game. The player 1 used a gamepad to move his avatar in a first person view, in a lifeless desert. The player 2 used a keyboard as a controller.

Every musical note corresponds to a graphical asset like trees, fountains, bridges, or buildings. These graphical assets appear on the screen play in indicated area by the player’s 1 cursor. More the game advance, more the barren desert dressed and comes to lives.

This is the collaboration of the two players who give rise to a visual and musical world.

Link for review : Gamasutra – Game Jam – Artgam Weekend #4 in Lille

Keyboard Mandala from Nathan DESMARCHELIER on Vimeo.




Role : Project Manager & Game Designer


AsylumJamLogoLogolith is a horror game made in 48h for Asylum Jam. We were a team of 8 people on the project, the team Ugly Brain.

The purpose of this jam is for individuals or teams to create a horror game on any platform or of any type that simply follow the following stipulation, inspired by Ian Mahar’s article ‘Nobody Wins When Horror Games Stigmatize Mental Illness’, published on Kotaku.

 Dont use asylums, psychiatric institutes, medical professionals or violent/antipathic/’insane’ patients as settings or triggers

This jam is to show that we can still create a great horror experience without using inaccurate stereotypes of                                                                  those who suffer from mental illness, or the institutions that support them in diagnosis and recovery.

To have a overview of Overview, feel free to look at the video record by a player on Youtube.

What have I done ?

Logolith is a single player game. The player begin alone on a land invade by fog and darkness, occupied by good and bad creatures. The player have to explore this strange and dangerous area, and discover what live here and try to understand their meaning. The logolith is the only chance for the player to escape this place. That is the player’s goal, fallow the Logolith’s path.




You can play this game following these links and download Logolith : for PC or Macintoch.


EndDreams of Glory

machinima-logo          Creation kit logo

Role : Director, Level Designer, Scriptwriter, Video editor & Sound Designer

Dreams of Glory is a machinima. It was made during SUPINFOGAME Rubika studies, by a team of 4 persons. To make it, we used the Creation Kit design by Bethesda Softwork for the game The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim.

The story tell how a impetuous knight will be misled by her dreams of triumphs and glory. Our goal is to use suggestion for the direction and develop a atmosphere.

Dreams of Glory from Nathan DESMARCHELIER on Vimeo.

To make it, I have create a place in its entirety. Starting with the topology of the land by modeling mountain, hill and cave. After that, the dressing of the entire environnement by graphical asset and texture but in thinking about the question of staging and level design.

To allow freedom of direction we have used the camera’s player to film, and I had to setting up a navmesh on the area to use the I.A of the NPC to create characters acting.

I also record the video and do the audio and video editing.

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