Pumping Acide – UDK map


Role : Game Designer & Level Designer

Pumping Acid is a map created with the Unreal Development Kit. We were 5 students working on this project. Pumping Acid is a Team Death-Match map, for 8 to 12 players

The main concept of this map is to create a dynamic fight based on movement and adaptation of the environment. The goal is to create the environment like a real ally or enemy for players.

I was in charge of the level design, especially the BSP building and all dynamic events and interaction that the environment have with players, like animation, sound, FX….

I used the UDK kismet editor to create the environment’s comportment like the acid flow that player needs to play with to hope to survive in the map.

The main point of this map is to create a circulatory who push players to be already on the move, and learn how use the level properties. This map has been designed to create a battle on 3 different parts in response with environment’s comportment.

When a player active a specific interrupter on the top part of the level, the lower level is empty of its acid flow and a timer begin. At hits end, the acid flow rise and submerge all the lower part of the map. Players have just a short period to take item and weapon of the lower level before comeback on the middle or top part of the level. They need to be fast and careful to survive.


If you want to learn more about the project, feel free to download his presentation « here » (only in french).

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